ProTrack R

Blockchain enabled One Barcode Traceability Solution

Currently, Pharma, Healthcare, Agri, Food and Retail sectors are facing challenges in terms of spurious (Counterfeit) products intruding into their Supply Chains before reaching customers, affecting human lives (Safety) and brand reputation causing huge financial losses. Consumer and/or Regulation demands product quality compliance throughout value chain from Lab to Land in Agri, Farm to Fork for Food and Raw Material to Finished Goods.

Our innovative Block Chain Enabled One Barcode Traceability solution (ProTrack™).

  • Product coding for Supply Chain activities and verification with randomized and unpredictable serialized Dynamic QR code on product pack
  • Language, Device & Platform independent Product Verification solution
  • Verification confirmation in local vernacular languages in addition to English
  • Builds product aggregation (parent child relationship between retail pack and shipper and/or pallet)
  • Data exchange with supply chain partners using EPCIS for improved visibility and traceability in Supply Chain
  • One stop Integrated Hub for data exchange with various regulatory agencies and statutory authorities seamlessly
  • Ready to fit for sectors like Pharma, Agriculture, Food and Retail
  • Facilitate efficient processes associated with Production, Movement, Distribution, Sales and Product Returns/Recalls.

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