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As it is now mandatory to put QR codes on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) used in medicines, ProTrack™ QR Code for APIwill help to generate QR Codes for every active pharmaceutical ingredient(bulk drug) manufacturer.

The QR code in API will help to identify the difference between genuine and counterfeit drugs much more easily. It also makes it easy to trace, helping in distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit drugs much more easily.

This will also make it simple to trace pharmaceutical firms and procure info like: is there any tampering with the formula? Where is the origin of the raw material? And where is the product going to be delivered.

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Medicines manufactured with counterfeit and low quality APIs don't actually help patients.

Because of the huge demand from pharmaceutical companies for a uniform QR code, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization suggested making the QR code mandatory for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

What is API?

API stands for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. These are the new raw materials for making intermediates, tablets, capsules, and syrups. API plays a significant role in the production of any medicine, and for this, Indian companies are to a great extent dependent on China.

Every active pharmaceutical ingredient (bulk drug) manufactured or imported in India shall bear a QR Code on its label at each level of packaging that stores info readable with a software application. It facilitates tracking and tracing.

The data to be saved must include

  • Unique Product Identification code,
  • Name of the API,
  • Brand Name,
  • Name and address of the manufacturer,
  • Batch no.,
  • Batch size,
  • Manufacturing date,
  • Date of expiry or retesting,
  • Serial shipping container code,
  • Manufacturing license no. or import license no.
  • Special storage conditions are required (if any).

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